The SmartCity project, a joint venture between the government of Malta and SmartCity Dubai, is a notable international business park initiative. Designed by AK Design in collaboration with Paul Camilleri & Associates and fabricated by Eurocraft, the project incorporates various elements, including reception counters, wall cladding, and kitchen tops. Here are key points highlighted in your description:

  1. SmartCity International Concept:
    • Joint Venture: The collaboration between the government of Malta and SmartCity Dubai emphasizes a joint venture aiming to develop and manage interconnected business townships globally.
    • TECOM’s International Arm: SmartCity, as the international arm of TECOM, is involved in investments in business parks, aligning with a vision to create interconnected business communities worldwide.
  2. Project Collaboration and Fabrication:
    • Design Collaboration: The project is designed by AK Design, an international company, in collaboration with Paul Camilleri & Associates, showcasing a multinational approach to the project’s vision and design.
    • Fabrication by Eurocraft: Eurocraft is involved in the fabrication of various elements within the business unit at SmartCity, highlighting the collaboration of design and craftsmanship.
  3. Reception Counters and Wall Cladding:
    • DuPont™ Corian® Material: The reception counters are fabricated with DuPont™ Corian®, a versatile and durable material known for its adaptability in design and functionality.
    • Integrated Wood Panels: The reception counter features integrated wood panels, providing a combination of materials for aesthetic appeal.
    • Thermoforming for Curved Design: Both the reception counter and wall cladding undergo thermoforming to achieve a curved design, adding a contemporary and visually striking element to the space.
  4. Multilevel Design:
    • First-Floor Reception Counter: On the first floor, another DuPont™ Corian® reception counter is mentioned, featuring an extended panel that serves as wall cladding when viewed from the ground floor. This design consideration adds depth and continuity to the overall visual experience.

The collaboration of international design expertise, local architectural input, and skilled fabrication by Eurocraft highlights a comprehensive approach to the SmartCity project. The use of DuPont™ Corian® in reception counters and wall cladding, coupled with design elements like integrated wood panels and thermoforming, contributes to a modern and sophisticated business environment. The multilevel design further enhances the spatial dynamics within the SmartCity business unit.



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