Churchill Butcher

Creating a Hygienic and Cozy Ambiance: The goal of this project was to achieve a space that not only exudes hygiene but also provides a warm and welcoming atmosphere for clients, making them feel at home. To bring this vision to life, thermoforming material was employed, allowing for a seamless carve flow from one end of the shop to the other.

The decision to make the full counter seamless serves a dual purpose – it enhances the overall hygienic appearance, crucial when dealing with meat cutting, and ensures a contamination-free environment. The nonporous nature of the material prevents the multiplication of bacteria, guaranteeing a clean and safe space for both clients and staff.

Designed by Olivian, this project perfectly balances functionality and aesthetics, offering a visually pleasing and pristine environment. It showcases our commitment to creating spaces that prioritize both cleanliness and comfort. #HygienicDesign #SeamlessFlow #OlivianDesign”

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