Created 28 February, 2018 By Shaker
The Corian® Design business has developed a new manufacturing process and know-how called Resilience Technology, enabling the production of Corian® Solid Surface featuring superior damage forgiveness, easier and quicker stain removal, and reduced need for maintenance. This best in class premium technology lessens physical damage from scratching, heat, and impact, typical in everyday commercial environments.

Corian® Solid Surface with Resilience Technology is also quicker and easier to renew. Its surface looks new for a longer time and is easily maintained by end-users or homeowners through occasional washing with water and a slightly abrasive pad. Gentle washing noticeably removes low-level scratches. These superior properties are built into the material, and the performance is permanent, lasting for the entire life of the material.

Corian® Solid Surface with Resilience Technology also offers all the properties and qualities of standard Corian® products – such as design versatility, easy formability, non-porous nature and inconspicuous joints – providing architects, designers and fabricators a new and reliable easy-to-work material for producing superior results.

A patent pending invention, the Resilience Technology is based on a series of chemistry and process innovations developed by the research and development team of Corian® Design. This unique technology acts as an overall enhancer of the performance of all the attributes of Corian® Solid Surface.

These improvements aim at further increasing the possibilities of Corian® Solid Surface in a variety of commercial applications – such as hospitality, education, healthcare, retail, offices and food service – as well as in the residential market.

Tests performed by the Corian® Design business show that the specific improvements offered by Corian® Solid Surface with Resilience Technology are not matched by other solid surfaces currently available in the market

The Resilience Technology will be initially used to make four new colors of Corian® Solid Surface, which are going to be commercialised across the world starting February 2018. These colors have been selected to capture a variety of business opportunities in specific applications and markets.

The four colors of Corian® Solid Surface with Resilience Technology are: Summit White (a pure and extremely versatile white tone); Stratus (an elegant grey tone); Keystone (a color inspired by the look of concrete); Cool Gray (combining small particles of different sizes into a grey matrix).

If you are interested in purchasing Corian® with Resilience Technology for your home or project, contact us for more information.