Created 19 December, 2016 By Shaker

Shaker has changed the way the way we design kitchens, by introducing a new innovative product, BORA. BORA, allows you to enjoy a new freedom, beauty, functionality and efficiency. This is the end of the extractor hood, revolutionising behaviour and architecture in the kitchen.

At Shaker we are committed to providing good quality products which not only look stunning, but also add functionality to our daily lives. Forget about foggy glasses, grease on furniture or a smell of food in your hair, sofa or curtains. Keep your house clean and enjoy a new cooking experience in the kitchen. BORA allows architects and designers to create unobstructed views, while cooking. What more could you ask for ?   

How does it work ? “We do not allow cooking vapours and smells to rise as we draw them away where they are created, directly from the sauce pan, roaster, frying pan or grill. None of this is magic, but simply applied physics”Wili Brucknauer. 

We invite you to visit our showroom to experience the unique and innovative beauty of 
BORA, request an appointment with our sales & design team through or contact Luana Falzon on 79387690.