Chopping board – Dupont Corian

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Offering color customization and providing the option to order from the entire Dupont Corian range allows customers to tailor this product to their unique preferences and interior design schemes.

For those interested in large quantities or specific color requests, reaching out via email to ensures a personalized and efficient quoting process. This not only adds a level of exclusivity to the product but also reflects Shaker’s commitment to meeting the diverse needs and preferences of its customers.

By providing this level of customization and accommodating bulk orders, Shaker is demonstrating a customer-centric approach and making it convenient for individuals, businesses, or designers looking to incorporate our product into their projects.

For a truly personalized and tailored experience, customers can take advantage of this option to create a cohesive and harmonious design in their spaces with our products in their preferred Dupont Corian color.

Elevate Your Space with “Le Bouton” – Shaker’s Stylish Dupont Corian Hook!

Introducing “Le Bouton” – the epitome of Shaker elegance and functionality. Crafted from premium Dupont Corian, this sleek hook is designed to effortlessly enhance your bathroom or living room with its minimalist charm.

Dupont Corian Construction: Experience unmatched durability and style with our meticulously crafted hook.

Versatile Design: Beyond towels, “Le Bouton” accommodates clothing, accessories, and more – keeping your space organized.

Shaker Sustainability: A commitment to eco-friendly living, our hook reflects Shaker’s dedication to responsible craftsmanship.

! Every color of Dupont Corian is available on request !

Dimensions65 × 12 cm
Color Available

Bone, Cameo white, Deep cloud, Designer white, Glacier white, high gloss white, linnen, vanilla

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Chopping board – Dupont Corian
45.00 + VAT (18%)