Valentina Hotel

Shaker played a pivotal role in the Hotel Valentina project, integrating high-quality DuPont™ Corian® solid surface into multiple areas of the hotel. This encompassed rooms, reception areas, bars, and other spaces, showcasing a comprehensive utilization of the premium material throughout the establishment.

  1. Hotel Valentina Overview:
    • Number of Rooms and Suites: Hotel Valentina houses 128 rooms and suites, each featuring a unique contemporary design with a strong sense of style.
    • Distinct Facilities and Amenities: All rooms are designed with distinct facilities and amenities, aiming to fully equip them to the highest standard.
  2. Collaboration with Shaker:
    • Purpose: Shaker was approached to provide high-quality DuPont™ Corian® solid surface for various applications within the hotel.
    • Scope of Work: Shaker’s involvement covers different areas, including rooms, reception counters, bar counters, vanity tops with units, and desk tops.
  3. Project Design:
    • Designed by MXA Martin Xuereb: The project was designed by MXA Martin Xuereb, showcasing collaboration with a design professional or firm.
  4. List of Works Done:
    • Reception Counter Tops: Shaker worked on the reception counter tops, contributing to the visual appeal and functionality of the hotel’s reception area.
    • Bar Counter Tops: Bar counter tops were also fabricated by Shaker, enhancing the design and utility of the hotel’s bar areas.
    • Vanity Tops + Units: Shaker provided vanity tops along with associated units, likely for bathrooms within the rooms, ensuring a seamless and high-quality finish.
    • Desk Tops: The scope of work included the fabrication of desk tops, contributing to the overall design and functionality of workspaces within the hotel.

The collaboration between Shaker and the incorporation of DuPont™ Corian® solid surface in diverse hotel areas signal a dedication to quality, contemporary design, and lasting durability. The involvement of MXA Martin Xuereb underscores a commitment to professional design practices. In essence, the project aspired to establish a stylish and well-appointed environment for guests at Hotel Valentina.


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