The Westin Dragonara Resort

The Westin Dragonara Resort, is one of Malta’s top 5-star hotels, situated right on the water’s edge, in St Julian’s. The hotel offers stunning views, with direct access to the Mediterranean Sea. The hotel underwent refurbishment and entrusted Shaker Ltd, using the original DuPont Corian for the renovation of over 77 rooms.

The refurbishment of The Westin Dragonara Resort by Shaker Ltd was an extensive and detailed project, focusing on various aspects of room design and functionality.

  1. Design by Lynn Hunt:
    • The project was designed by Lynn Hunt, a London-based designer.
  2. Kitchen Counter Tops:
    • The kitchens in the rooms were small and varied in size.
    • Shaker Ltd worked on different-sized kitchen countertops.
  3. Tables:
    • Tables in the rooms came in various shapes and sizes, showcasing diversity in design.
  4. Bath Tubs:
    • Shaker Ltd worked on the surrounds of the bath.
    • The bath surrounds were customized and required molds for each one.
    • The creation of unique molds indicates a high level of customization for each bath.
  5. Sinks:
    • Various sinks were installed as part of the project.
    • Some sinks were wall-hanging, while others were installed on structures provided by FXB & Bathroom Design.
  6. Room Aesthetics:
    • The new room designs aimed to provide a sense of warmth with earthly tones, complementing the unobstructed views of the Mediterranean Sea.
    • The use of original DuPont Corian in the refurbishment suggests a focus on quality and durability.
  7. Collaboration with FXB & Bathroom Design:
    • Shaker Ltd collaborated with FXB & Bathroom Design for this project, indicating a multidisciplinary approach to the renovation.
  8. Specific Fabrication and Installation:
    • Shaker Ltd fabricated and installed various elements, including wall-hung vanity units with integrated towel holders, bath-tub surface coverings, vanity surfaces over wooden leg structures, bath-tub surrounds, thermoformed desks, and kitchen tops with integrated Corian diamond blue color wall-cladding.

Overall, the project appears to be a comprehensive redesign, showcasing attention to detail, customization, and collaboration with other design entities. The use of DuPont Corian and the incorporation of a variety of elements contribute to the luxurious and functional aspects of the renovated rooms at The Westin Dragonara Resort.


Client Thoughts

Products a bit expensive, but very nice and helpful service.

Borg Dom

Fantastic seamless work, love my Corian kitchen and vanity

Sue Zrinzo
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