Suncrest Hotel

The description highlights the historical collaboration between Shaker and Suncrest Hotel, showcasing expertise in fabricating interior furnishings. Here are key points from your description:


  1. Long-Term Collaboration:
    • Over 30 Years Ago: Shaker was entrusted with fabricating the interior of Suncrest Hotel over 30 years ago, indicating a long-standing and enduring relationship.
  2. Refurbishment Project at Seashells Hotel:
    • Refurbishment Award: Shaker was awarded the refurbishment project for the Seashells Hotel buffet area, demonstrating continued trust and recognition of Shaker’s expertise.
    • Solid Surface Material: The refurbishment utilized a solid surface for the buffet area, emphasizing the choice of durable and high-quality materials.
  3. Seashells Resort within Suncrest Hotel:
    • Location: The Seashells Resort is located within the Suncrest Hotel, which is a leading 4-star hotel situated in Qawra, on the Maltese Islands.
    • Part of AX Group: The Seashells Resort forms part of the AX Group, a hospitality group with a tradition of providing quality service.
  4. Extensive Renovation Program:
    • Winter Renovation: The extensive renovation program took place during the winter months, with the hotel reopening on April 1, 2015.
    • Catering to Various Travelers: The hotel caters to individuals, corporate travelers, and families, showcasing its versatility and inclusivity.
  5. Material Choice – DuPont™ Basic Surfaces Pure:
    • High Traffic Area: The buffet area, being a high-traffic zone, required a durable material resistant to daily heavy use.
    • DuPont™ Basic Surfaces Pure: Chosen for its ability to be fabricated with no visible seams, durability, and the ability to be repaired if damaged.
    • Integration with Wood: DuPont™ Basic Surfaces Pure was integrated with wood, possibly creating a harmonious blend of materials.
  6. Vanity Units Fabrication:
    • Free-Standing Vanity Tops: Shaker fabricated free-standing DuPont™ Basic Surfaces vanity tops, showcasing versatility in creating custom elements.
    • Pure Colour Design: The vanity units are designed in Pure color, possibly contributing to a clean and contemporary aesthetic.
    • Top-Mounted Basins: The design includes 100mm thickness and top-mounted basins, adding functionality and modern design elements.

In summary, the collaboration between Shaker and Suncrest Hotel, spanning over three decades, demonstrates a strong partnership. The refurbishment project at Seashells Hotel reflects a commitment to quality and durability, with DuPont™ Basic Surfaces Pure chosen for its suitability in a high-traffic environment. The specific details about the winter renovation and the integration of materials highlight the meticulous approach to the project.


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