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we created a comprehensive and aesthetically appealing design for a bar or restaurant space, considering both durability and low maintenance costs. Let’s break down some of the key elements and choices you made in your project:

  1. DuPont Corian for Bar Counter:
    • Durability: Corian is a durable material, resistant to scratches, stains, and impact. This is crucial for a high-traffic area like a bar counter.
    • Aesthetic Appeal: Incorporating lighting to enhance the effect of Dupont Golden Onyx can create a visually stunning and unique atmosphere, contributing to the overall ambiance of the space.
  2. Wall Unit for Alcohol Display:
    • Customization: Designing a wall unit for alcohol display adds a personalized touch to the space and provides an organized and attractive way to showcase the available options.
    • Visibility: Depending on the design, proper lighting can further highlight the displayed products, attracting attention and potentially increasing sales.
  3. Bathroom Design with Delabie and Corian Laguna Color:
    • Hygiene and Durability: Corian Laguna color, like other Corian options, provides a hygienic and durable surface for bathroom elements.
    • Sensor Mixers by Delabie: Using sensor mixers from Delabie is a smart choice for maintaining hygiene and preventing issues like Legionella. The automatic shut-off feature after a few seconds of inactivity helps in water conservation and reduces the risk of bacterial growth.
  4. Gyro Sink Mixers – Custom Design:
    • Innovative Design: Designing your own Gyro Sink Mixers adds a unique and distinctive element to the project, setting it apart from standard off-the-shelf options.
    • Functionality: The custom design, combined with functionality, can contribute to a seamless and efficient user experience in the restaurant’s bathrooms.

Overall, your approach to combining aesthetics with functionality and prioritizing durability and low maintenance costs aligns well with the demands of a bar or restaurant environment. It’s evident that you’ve considered both the customer-facing areas (bar and alcohol display) and the service areas (bathrooms) to create a cohesive and well-thought-out design. Additionally, your attention to hygiene, especially in using sensor mixers to prevent issues like Legionella, shows a commitment to customer safety and well-being.

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