InterContinental Hotel

The InterContinental Hotel is situated in the center of activity in St.Julians.  a hotel which caters for leisure and business traveling. Shaker was entrusted with the fabrication of two reception counters found in the conference center.  The bar counter at Waterbiscuit, a restaurant adjacent to the hotel, offering a gastronomic experience to delight all with a charming and contemporary atmosphere and enthusiastically accomplished cuisine, and the vanity units at Paranga, the hotel’s sea side restaurant set on teak decking adjacent to the rippling Mediterranean Sea.

A Larger than usual reception counter fabricated counter in thermoformed DuPont™ Corian®  Warm Gray colour The large space available, allowed the creation of such a grand entrance to the conference room, housed within the Intercontinental Hotel. A solid wooden structure supports the thermoformed counter.

Fabricating, delivering and installing such a counter required precision and experience. The ceiling cladding was thermoformed to match the reception counter, resulting in a flowing parallel design. The ceiling was supported by a wooden and metal structure for added support.

A second counter leads the guests into the meeting room. The counter is fabricated in DuPont™ Corian®  Dove. Dove is a mid-tone gray with a hint of warmth, with randomly spaced translucent particles of various sizes. (photo coming soon).



Intercontinental Malta



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