St. Julians Corian Appartment

Corian kithen designed and fabricated locally by Shaker. The minimal kitchen includes Corian cabinet doors and drawers, a hidden custom made Corian sink with lid, including a Guglielmi up & down kitchen tap, Corian wall-cladding, Corian shelving with integrated lights and BORA hob with integrated extractor.

Project also includes a Corian utility cabinet for water heater, complete bathroom and shower, bespoke bedroom furniture and custom made wardrode.

The kitchen is made up of two parallel units. One side deisgned for food preparation and the other side deisgned for storage.The food preparation side, includes Corian flip-up doors. a pull-out pantry, fridge / freezer cabinet and a mixture of cabinets designed around the clients needs.Kitchen plinths made from Corian are easy to clean.


The kitchen surface was designed to extend around the food preparation area. Creating a seam-free, hygienic space, covering the wall, the sides and under the cabinets. The food preparation area was entierly fabricated using Corian DEEP Titanium. BORA offers the possibility to cook in clean air. As the steam rises, it is pulled down, from where it is created. Steam and greese are drawn into the central extraction system. With Bora, a drawer can be installed under the unit, since the system is compact and housed within the first 20cm under the hob.


Custom made Corian sinks can be covered with a lid, to allow for a larger food preparation area. Corian sinks can be custom made in the same colour as the surface. Guglielmi up and down kitchen tap, is hidden under the lid.


Corian kitchens can extend from floor to ceiling. Corian kitchen cabinets can be fabricated with push-to-open and soft closing hinges. Custom made kitchens can be fabricated around the clients requirements and design preferances.

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