Forum Hotel


“Transforming Luxury at the Former Forum Hotel:

Once a luxurious Forum Hotel located in the heart of Swieqi, the building has undergone a remarkable transformation into high-end luxury apartments. Recognized for our established name in the woodworking industry, Shaker was entrusted with the comprehensive task of outfitting the entire hotel, spanning doors, dining areas, reception spaces, and bedrooms.

List Of Works Done:

Bedrooms: Shaker undertook the fabrication of the entire interior of the guest rooms, showcasing meticulous craftsmanship. This encompassed beds with headboards, matching wardrobes and desks, TV units, chairs, coffee tables, and sofas – all crafted from Oak wood to ensure a luxurious and cohesive aesthetic.

Desks: The distinctive blue color of the desks was achieved through a multi-step process involving the application of blue water-based stain, a white patina finish, and a meticulous brushing process. This attention to detail added a unique and vibrant touch to the workspaces.

Doors: Shaker showcased its expertise in door fabrication by creating elegant doors and surrounding wall panels throughout the hotel. The seamless integration of these elements contributes to the overall sophisticated ambiance.

This comprehensive project stands as a testament to Shaker’s ability to manage and execute a perfectly efficient woodwork production line, resulting in a transformed and upscale living space. #FormerForumHotel #LuxuryApartments #ShakerCraftsmanship”


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