Dolmen Hotel


Shaker was entrusted with the fabrication of the vanity units at the Dolmen Hotel situated in the casino area of Qawra. The Dolmen prides to be the perfect retreat for holidays, with over 400 rooms. Shaker participated in the refurbishing of 20 rooms, with 20 different unique vanities.


Curved vanity unit

The concept behind the design of the curved vanity unit, resulted from the space limitation of multiple rooms found in this hotel. The design problem led to the development of a unique and functional design, which includes an integrated towel rail and storage shelve. Fabricated in DuPont™ Corian® with a thermoformed facade, the vanity also includes a Calm 810 Corian® sink and a coved splashback, making it hygienic and easy to clean.


Rectangle vanity unit

Shaker fabricated another unique free-standing rectangular vanity unit in Corian® which also features an integrated towel rail and shelve storage. This design includes Calm 831 Corian® sink and has been adopted by Shaker as a new innovation for hotel vanity units.


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