Dolmen Hotel

Refining Luxury at Dolmen Hotel:

Nestled in the vibrant casino area of Qawra, the Dolmen Hotel stands as a beacon of hospitality with over 400 rooms, offering the perfect retreat for holidays. Shaker had the privilege of contributing to the hotel’s allure by undertaking the fabrication of vanity units.

Entrusted with the refurbishment of 20 rooms, each with its unique character, Shaker brought its expertise to create 20 distinct vanities. This bespoke approach aligns with the Dolmen Hotel’s commitment to providing a luxurious and personalized experience for its guests.

Our collaboration with the Dolmen Hotel reflects our dedication to craftsmanship and attention to detail, ensuring that every vanity unit adds to the overall ambiance of this esteemed establishment. #DolmenHotel #BespokeCraftsmanship #ShakerInteriors”

Innovative Vanity Units at Dolmen Hotel:

Curved Vanity Unit: Confronting the challenge of space limitations in multiple rooms at Dolmen Hotel, the concept of the curved vanity unit emerged. Crafted in DuPont™ Corian®, the thermoformed facade not only addresses spatial constraints but also adds a touch of elegance. This unique design incorporates an integrated towel rail and storage shelf, providing both functionality and aesthetic appeal. The inclusion of a Calm 810 Corian® sink and a coved splashback ensures hygiene and easy maintenance, making it a perfect fit for the hotel’s refined standards.

Rectangle Vanity Unit: Shaker introduces another innovation with the free-standing rectangular vanity unit in Corian®. Featuring an integrated towel rail and shelf storage, this design showcases a Calm 831 Corian® sink. Adopted as a new standard for hotel vanity units, this rectangular design seamlessly blends practicality with modern aesthetics, enhancing the overall guest experience at Dolmen Hotel.

These bespoke vanity units exemplify Shaker’s commitment to innovation and craftsmanship, elevating the guest experience at Dolmen Hotel. #DolmenHotel #DuPontCorian #ShakerCraftsmanship”


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