Day’s Inn Hotel

Welcome to Day’s Inn – A Modern Oasis in Sliema:

Discover the epitome of contemporary comfort at Day’s Inn, a 3-Star ultra-modern hotel nestled in the vibrant seaside resort of Sliema. Boasting 100 rooms, this establishment is a haven for travelers seeking both convenience and style.

Shaker takes pride in contributing to the chic atmosphere of Day’s Inn by undertaking the fabrication of the combined reception and bar counter. This focal point is more than just a functional space; it’s a seamless blend of design and hospitality, enhancing the overall guest experience.

As your dedicated partner in craftsmanship, Shaker ensures that the reception and bar counter not only meets the high standards of modern design but also aligns with the dynamic and welcoming ambiance of Day’s Inn. Experience the intersection of innovation and comfort at Day’s Inn – where every detail is crafted to elevate your stay. #DaysInnSliema #ShakerCraftsmanship #ModernHospitality”

Custom design features

The reception counter design includes, handcrafted grooves and integrated lighting.

The reception desk

The reception desk is designed lower then the rest of the counter to make it accessible to all customers.

The bar

At the far end of the reception counter, one can find an integrated bar extending the design of the counter, with consistent features.

“Crafting Unique Experiences at Day’s Inn:

Our commitment to bespoke design shines through in the custom features of Day’s Inn reception counter. Handcrafted grooves and integrated lighting are carefully woven into the design, creating a visual masterpiece that captures the essence of modern elegance.

The reception desk, thoughtfully designed, sits lower than the rest of the counter, ensuring accessibility for all customers. This intentional approach aligns with our dedication to creating inclusive and welcoming spaces for everyone.

As the counter extends, a delightful surprise awaits at the far end – an integrated bar seamlessly continuing the counter’s design. Consistent features weave through this extension, harmonizing the reception and bar areas. It’s not just a counter; it’s an experience crafted with precision and a touch of innovation at Day’s Inn. #DaysInnDesign #BespokeCraftsmanship #InnovativeHospitality”


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