Azur Hotel

Experience Elevated Hospitality at Azur Hotel, the newest gem in the ST Hotels collection. Setting a benchmark for superior room comfort, exquisite décor, spaciousness, and exceptional customer service. Nestled in the vibrant Giza/Sliema area, guests enjoy the convenience of everything they desire within a 5-minute stroll, from shops to restaurants.

Shaker takes pride in being entrusted with crafting the reception counter, lift wall-cladding, and waiter station at Azur Hotel. Our choice of materials includes the sophisticated DuPont™ Corian® Cosmos Prima and the warm allure of Halifax wood laminate, ensuring a harmonious blend of aesthetics and functionality. Elevate your stay with us at Azur Hotel, where every detail reflects our commitment to excellence. #AzurHotel #STHotels #ShakerCraftsmanship”

Elevate Your Arrival Experience at Azur Hotel’s Reception:

Immerse yourself in sophistication as you step into the reception area, featuring a stunning reception counter crafted in Corian® Cosmos Prima. This elegant design extends seamlessly to the lift wall-cladding and the practical yet stylish waiter station.

Our commitment to accessibility is evident in the lowered desk area of the reception counter, ensuring a welcoming space for all users. Illuminate the dark Corian® surface with integrated LED lights, creating a captivating visual effect. A thoughtfully designed back bar and door access, harmonizing with the counter material, add to the overall functionality.

The lift wall-cladding, fabricated with Corian® Cosmos Prima, boasts a seamfree installation, creating a sleek and cohesive aesthetic. Meanwhile, the waiter station features the warmth of Halifax wood laminate, providing not just style but also practical storage with integrated drawers.

Experience a reception area that reflects the boldness of the universe with Corian® Solid Surface Cosmos Prima, where the rich black background is adorned with streams and particles of gray and white, hinting at the cosmos. Azur Hotel, where every detail speaks of luxury and functionality. #AzurHotel #ReceptionDesign #CorianCosmosPrima



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