Created 21 April, 2016 By Shaker
Another great product has been added to our product list. The Pura collection from Guglielmi displays a wide range of shapes and finishes, with a modern design to suit every taste. The Pura brand represents wellness, eliminating the need of buying bottles of water which requires carrying. This system saves time and money, improving the quality of life. The cartridges are eco-friendly, which safeguard your health and that of our planet, eliminating both need and accumulation of plastic bottles.
The faucet is fabricated with a unique aerator which incorporates two different jets. The central jet delivers filtered water, ready to drink, while the other jet supplies domestic water for normal use. The carbon active filter removes chlorine, bad tastes and smells. It creates quality water for the production of cold and hot drinks as well as ice cubes, while removing harmful substances. The cartridge possesses an automatic locking system, preserving the organoleptic properties of water over time. The aluminum filter cartridge is covered by a polymer which prevents water from coming in contact with aluminum, it also protects the filter system from cracking or breaking, preventing bacterial proliferation. 

The faucets requires a single hole for installation and the filter cartridge takes up very little space under the sink. Thanks to the fast system both installation and replacement of the filter are fast and easy. The Pura collection are designed and fabricated in Italy, each mixer is subject to quality control before leaving the Guglielmi factory. 
Pura taps are available at our showroom in San Gwann, visit our showroom to benefit from introductory offers. View the collection here or order your faucet online here.