GRAFF is globally recognized for its trend-setting products and unique vision, GRAFF is headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, with locations throughout Europe,Supported since 1922 by extensive plumbing and hardware manufacturing experience, GRAFF has positioned itself at the forefront of design creating designer-based collections for the luxury market.

GRAFF utilizes the latest manufacturing technology and thanks to a tradition of old-world craftsmanship, GRAFF’s commitment to creating cutting-edge, premium-quality collections is evident in each and every product. GRAFF’s parent company, Meridian International Group, which has been producing faucets, valves, shower components and other machined products for some of the world’s leading companies in the plumbing sector, it is also an ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified company, Meridian strategically combines a strong European OEM faucet and valve production history with over 30 years of American excellence in OEM machined parts.

GRAFF became the benchmark brand in the USA market by resisting the trend to cut-costs and focusing on quality, cutting-edge design. In 2010, to strengthen its market presence in Europe, GRAFF created a branch office in Florence, Italy. Today, GRAFF continues to grow, testing and developing cutting-edge, luxury bath collections.

There is a point where style meets the essential values of life, where design and quality became a commitment. Internationally recognized as an avant-garde manufacturer of exciting, trend-setting bathroom and kitchen fixtures, GRAFF has built its reputation as an interpreter and protagonist of modern lifestyle, bringing creativity and inspiration into many homes, and as a company, being keenly aware of human and environmental issues and values.

GRAFF points of strength are unique design, full range of products in each collection, superior finishes, indisputable quality supported by a truly, vertically-integrated supply chain, respect and improvement of worldwide environmental and engineering standards, competitive prices and reliable service.

Water is a precious and beautiful natural resource we all need to help conserve. Being actively Green is not a choice. It’s a responsibility. Trust GRAFF faucets and shower systems to help conserve one of our most precious natural resources. GRAFF’s manufacturing system is based on an innovative Lean Manufacturing Management concept. By eliminating waste in the form of time, energy and materials, each process achieves substantial efficiencies. Even with all the foundry, metal finishing and modernized plating, GRAFF has a zero discharge system that recycles 100% of brass and paper products.

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