Founded in 1928, DELABIE is an independent, family owned business with its production site based in Friville (Picardy), the historical birthplace of French tap manufacturing. European market leader in water controls and sanitary equipment, DELABIE has strengthened its market position and expanded its product offering through the acquisition of Chavonnet (French market leader in water controls for hospitals), Sogeprove (manufacturer of grab bars, shower seats and stainless steel hygienic accessories), Douglas (manufacturer of thermostatic mixing valves for commercial applications in the United Kingdom), Kuhfuss Sanitär (German specialist in stainless steel sanitary equipment) and Senda (Portuguese manufacturer of stainless steel sanitary ware).

DELABIE products are well known for their superior endurance, offering ergonomic designs, safety and total hygiene while continually striving to increase water savings.



Water savings

Water, a precious resource



Water bills are increasing due to the scarcity of water and the increasing costs of treatment and redistribution. In developed countries, average water consumption per person has multiplied by 10 in a century and doubled in the last 30 years. 

(Source: Centre for Information about Water, France)

In public and commercial environments, the average consumption  is 50% higher than for domestic use.

It represents 200 litres per day, per person.  In some specific environments (hospitals, hydrotherapy centres, etc.)

It can even exceed 500 litres per day, per person. In these environments the users’ behaviour is different as they are not the ones who pay.
Any malfunctions or leaks take longer to be reported and fixed than in a domestic household.





Lowering waterconsumption 


For better control of water consumption, the flow rates of DELABIE’s water controls are among the lowest in the world: 3 lpm for basins and 6 lpm for showers. Split delivery and automatic shut-off systems reduce the risk of waste through user negligence. 

The time flow on basin controls is limited to 7 seconds. The WCs’ 3L/6L dual flush, the urinals’ 3-second flush or the electronic urinals’ high-frequency mode, are all examples of ways to optimise water consumption.

All these DELABIE solutions and systems ensure significant water and energy savings, without compromising efficiency or user comfort.

Watch our video on water savings



Comfort and Ergonomics


Adapting to each individual
DELABIE's products are suitable for all types of commercial and public

environments: schools, airports, service stations, etc. The solutions are designed for all types 

of user regardless of their age, culture, or level of independence: the use of DELABIE's products is intuitive.

Some models incorporate automated features.


Preserving user comfort
Washrooms in public and commercial environments should give the user the same level of comfort found at home.

Thermostatic controls deliver water at a stable temperature. The progressive temperature lever ensures safe temperature control.

Soft-touch operation or automatic systems are easy for the elderly, disabled people or children to use.

The direct flush has a low acoustic level and complies with the European standard EN class II.

The new shower head nozzles, set at only 6 lpm, and flow straighteners, provide a comfortable water flow.



The temperature of sanitary hot water found in systems is very high.
All DELABIE mixers are fitted with a maximum temperature limiter.
On thermostatic models, the anti-scalding safety instantly shuts off the supply of hot water in the event of cold-water failure.


Temperature stability
PREMIX and SECURITHERM thermostatic mixers perfectly regulate the temperature.

Even in the event of a loss of pressure between the cold and hot water inlets, the temperature remains stable.


Reducing risk of harm
User safety is taken into account right from the product design stage.

Rounded and deburred edges avoid any risk of injury. The streamlined and sleek design provides additional security.




Maximum user hygiene


Time flow and electronic valves offer maximum hygiene to users.
No manual contact after the valve shuts off prevents the spread of germs by hands.

Automatic flush guarantees rinsing after each use. Good hygiene is ensured for the next user.


System hygiene

Unused mixers or taps (isolated point-of-use, washrooms closed during the holidays, etc.)

leads to water stagnation in the system and can cause the development and proliferation of bacteria.

All DELABIE's electronic controls are fitted with a duty flush programme.

An automatic flush activates for approximately 60 seconds (adjustable on specific models) every 24 hours after the last use.
In WCs with cisterns, water stagnation at ambient temperature encourages the development of bacteria.

Direct flush systems are one of the many solutions DELABIE offers for maximum hygiene in commercial environments.


Pathogen-free mixers and taps

DELABIE’s water controls are tested in water prior to dispatch.

To ensure that pathogenic bacteria do not find their way into sanitary installations,

DELABIE has developed a rigorous bacteriological water treatment process for the water and the test rigs.

Regular bacteriological surveillance is recorded, leading to immediate action in the event of detection.

DELABIE guarantees that delivered products contain no traces of pathogenic bacteria.




Comfort, Well- being, Ergonomics 


Design for all

DELABIE's Be-Line range of grab bars and shower seats combines aesthetics and comfort.

The innovative design of the Be-Line grab bars and shower seats eliminates the medical (and sometimes stigmatising) aspects of accessible washrooms, leaving only a feeling of well-being, free from any complex, both at home and in the wider environment.

The Be-Line range transcends generations and is suitable for every life stage, regardless of age or level of independence, which makes the shared use of sanitary spaces more agreeable for everyone





The DELABIE range of grab bars have 32 or 35mm diameters, which provide an optimum grip regardless of the product destination or user. The rounded form of the Be-Line grab bars, with an ergonomic, flat front face that perfectly matches the shape of the hand, prevents the hand from rotating and offers greater safety to the user.




Maximum Hygiene 


Stainless Steel: a material that limits bacterial proliferation

DELABIE’s stainless steel grab bars, shower seats and accessories are made from bacteriostatic 304 stainless steel. This type of stainless steel forms a thin, invisible protective layer on contact with air or water. Even if the surface is damaged mechanically, the stainless steel is protected against corrosion. The surface remains bright, hard and smooth, preventing bacteria from easily adhering to the surface. Bacterial development is therefore slower compared with other materials.

Studies have regularly proven the aseptic qualities of stainless steel. It is ideally suited to environments that demand high standards of hygiene (e.g. hospitals, retirement homes, schools, canteens, etc.).


Hygiene- friendly design


DELABIE’s grab bars, shower seats and  accessories are designed to meet the obvious and essential principle of hygiene i.e. frequent cleaning. One-piece covers with fewer bacterial niches and soap tanks that prevent the soap from stagnating both contribute to effective cleaning and good hygiene.

Particular attention has been paid to the design of the bars to reduce the number of joins and seams, reducing the build-up of dirt and bacterial niches.



Delabi'S UltraPolish and UltraSatin finishes

Cleaning is easy and sustainable


Using surfaces that are easy to clean and 

disinfect reduces the risk of nosocomial infections.

Finish provide the grab bars with a uniform, non-porous surface. They are very easy to clean and hence less cleaning product is required. Bacterial retention after cleaning is extremely low, up to 20 times less than for other materials such as glass or plastic.


DELABIE’s UltraPolish mirror polished finished and Ultrasatin polished

Studies show that after several cycles of daily soiling and cleaning, polished stainless steel retains less dirt and fewer residual bacteria than copper which also has bacterial properties.

 Copper surfaces degrade over time, making them more difficult to clean. Polished stainless steel provides better hygiene by facilitating sustainable cleaning.



Tested over 200kg


According to the WHO, 1.4 billion people over 20 around the world are overweight. By 2030, the number of people considered to be overweight is expected to reach 3.3 billion. In public and commercial places, the user’s weight is unknown.

The products installed should, therefore, be able to resist any circumstances. All DELABIE grab bars and shower seats are tested to over 200kg, for a maximum user weight of 135kg. Some grab bars have even been tested to 250kg for a maximum user weight of 170kg. 

10 year warranty

DELABIE’s products are suitable for intensive use in all types of public or healthcare buildings.Stainless steel is a noble metal alloy (chrome, nickel and steel) which has no surface treatments so if it gets scratched or cut there is no risk of rust appearing. DELABIE products remain in perfect condition throughout their lifetime. Colour is added to the Nylon during manufacture. An anti-UV treatment prevents products from yellowing or ageing prematurely when exposed to strong light. DELABIE’s Nylon products remain in perfect condition throughout their lifespan.

CE marked

DELABIE grab bars and seats are CE marked and conform to European Directive  93/42/EEC that relates to medical devices, and meet the requirements of the European standard EN 12182:1999 “Technical aids for disabled people”.

This provides an additional guarantee for product users.

40mm safety gap

The elderly or people with reduced mobility can easily lose their balance and fall. Limiting the gap between the bar and the wall to just 40mm prevents the forearm from getting trapped and significantly reduces the risk of fracture.

The grab bars are close to the wall and require less space, improving access and  movement within the sanitary facilities (showers, toilets) and making them more discreet.



High resistance to vandalism 


The stainless steel used for DELABIE’s hygienic accessories is generally thicker than most products available on the market. Inside the grab bars a continuous internal tube, made from 2mm thick steel that has an anti-corrosion treatment, reinforces the 3.5mm thick Nylon casing.

This robust design offers a high level of vandal resistance, appropriate for places subject to intensive use.

To prevent theft, very common in public facilities, many of DELABIE’s hygienic accessories feature concealed fixings and/or locks with a key.

Suitable for intensive use

All DELABIE’s products undergo performance tests under extreme conditions. They are specifically designed for intensive use in all types of highly frequented public and commercial places.