When old meets modern. The design brief was to produce a durable minimal white kitchen, while maximising the space, allowing a good entertaining and dining area.

Since Valletta houses offer the traditional high ceilings and traditional patterned tiles, the kitchen blends into the space while maintaining the characteristics offered by the space.




Corian® was chosen for the kitchen cabinets and surface, creating a seam-free, easy to clean space.

The kitchen design includes three tall units, housing the fridge, freezer oven and storage space.

The bottom cabinets house a dishwasher and ample storage space. The surface inclues an integrated Corian® sink.

The surface extends to include an over-hang breakfast bar.


The space is utilised by installing a Corian® wall-hung cabinet opposite the kitchen units and just by the dining area.


Corian® Wardrobe

Custom made wardrobe including  Corian® doors with integrated recessed handles.

The wardrobe has an extended height to fit the small space.

The design of the wardrobe maximises storage, by including a pull-down rail.