Shaker is renowned both locally & internationally for vast expertise in the marine sector, which requires precision and high level manufacturing skills. Each project also requires very tight deadlines as super yachts enter our shores for a limited time, in which refurbishments and maintenance need to be completed. Often projects present confined spaces which require customised installations, these situations are handled by our team of technical experts, ensuring that quality is met.

Design for the world of transport, whether by rail or air, road or sea, and their stationary terminals, presents unique challenges. From high-traffic wear and tear to high-end exclusivity, from air-pressure to marine climates, from potential passenger abuse to vibration and general movement, the conditions demand a strong, stylish yet flexible material that will function, from mega-yacht to motor-home, can benefit from everything CorianĀ® brings to the journey.

Gozo Channel
Private Yacht - Project 1
Private Yacht - Project 2
Private Yacht - Project 3