Laboratories & Healthcare

Fabricating counters for the healthcare industry requires maintaining hygiene and using the most durable material. For such projects Corian® is the only solution, fabricated with no visible seams and coved splash-back, making the material easy to clean and hygienic. By collaborating with professionals in the field, our design and technical team engages in prototyping and testing chemicals which are used in laboratories, this is an essential part of our process, to ensure that Corian® withstands its properties. Should accidents occur, Shaker's expertise is of value with repairing the surface to its original finish.

Clinicians have long confidence in Corian® for hygiene-critical situations, and this solid, seamfree resistance to cross-infection can also take negative and appealing form to enhance a sense of well-being. Appropriate and through cleaning methods keep Corian® pure and fresh, while its nontoxic composition does not support the growth of germs, fungi or mould. This makes Corian® the sensible solution for healthcare design, from integrated inks in laboratory worktops to scrub rooms, theater walls, information centers, nursing stations, children's wards, cafeterias and patient facilities.

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