Oratorju MSSP

The refurbishment of the oratory required a material which is flexible and beautiful. DuPont Corian was chosen due to the silky vein and the ability to create unique, yet simple items.

Such a project required a lot of attention to detail with the focus on practicality. The experience and skills of Shaker's craftsmen and technical design team played a key role in developing the final technical deisgns. Communication with Father Martin occured through out the project, making sure that the design kept the values of the community in mind at all times. 

For this project Shaker fabricated the baptism bath, which is also used as a coffin stand. The pulpit and the throne  are made from marbelised DuPont Corian® with integrated gold mosaic features.

The Alter

Being a holy place where mass is celebrated, the colour was chosen to symbolise serenity and holiness. DuPont Corian Venaro White is a pure white-on-white smooth soft marbleized solid surface. This clean white colour with a silky vein, blended perfectly with the gold mosaic, resulting in another work of art.

The pulpit

The pulpit was designed to feature a holy painting on the front.

The throne

The round design of the throne was accomplished by thermoforming DuPontCorian® Venaro White.

Consecration by the Archbishop of Malta

A memorable day for the community, as the altar was being consecrated by the Archbishop of Malta Charles J. Scicluna . The holy oil anointed the whole oratory community, the DuPont Corian altar was blessed sealing the liturgy journey of these past years, letting the oil of the spirit be poured on the head, as it runs down upon the collar of the whole community, the body of Christ Jesus.

Thank-you letter from Father Martin for our work.