PURA Filter


– it reduces chlorine
– it reduces organic compounds
– it eliminates unpleasant odours and tastes of water
– it has a nominal filtration degree equal to 0,5 micron
– it is realized with Activated Charcoal extruded technology added with silver ions to explicate the bacteriostatic action
– it dechlorinates and clarifies potable water
– It responds in a complete way to the elevated qualitative standard provided for in DM 25/2012
– It is in accordance with the regulations MOCA, DM 174/2004 and DM 25/2012

Vertical or horizontal installation
Replace the filter no later than 365 days from the installation. In case of prolonged inactivity, execute the system disinfection. Disposal of the exhausted cartridge according to the Regulation 2014/955/UE (CER 15 02 03).

10.000 liters duration or 1 year use = 27 liters each day, for 1 year.


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