Kitchen taps with PURA filtration system

Get perfectly pure drinking water driectly from your kitchen tap. Cut out unnecessary expenses with PURA drinking water filtration systems. Filter systems provide clean water for drinking and cooking straight from your kitchen tap. We have various tap designs available in stock, Visit our showroom to try our the system. 

It is very important to provide the body with only the best water to drink. The water supplied by the aqueduct is generally of good quality, but obviously the risk of contamination by lead, zinc and copper present in the pipes is not completely excluded. Chlorine, on the other hand, can compromise the taste and smell of water. With PURA you can drink quality water, to improve the flavor of your drinks and your best recipes. In fact, the certified microfiltration for domestic use is designed to guarantee pure water. The certified micro filtration for domestic use removes limescale residues, chlorine, harmful substances that cause bad odors. 

You will no longer have to buy water bottles and you will no longer have to carry them home. PURA saves you effort, time and money, improving the quality of your life. Bottled water is often transported over very long distances before arriving at your home. 


The alternative exists: Why pay for filtered tap water, when you can filter your own ?


By filtering water directly from the tap, PURA reduces transport and CO2 emissions,  safeguarding the health of our planet, eliminating the use, accumulation and disposal of single-use plastic bottles which, as plastic waste, cause enormous environmental problems. in oceans around the world.  A plastic bottle has a life cycle of at least 450 years before decomposing into microplastics. An important problem as these elements enter the food chain. The eco-sustainable filters safeguard your health and that of our planet, setting the use and accumulation of plastic bottles and especially their disposal to zero. Purchasing Pura products means contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions.


PURA is very simple to use. Rotating the side control forward or backward you can select the flavors to drink. In the touch versions, on the other hand, a light touch is enough to start the delivery.

Furthermore, thanks to the shut-off valve, installation and replacement of the filter are quick and simple because it allows you to close the water directed to the filter, without having to close the plumbing system.

The installation of the filtration system is very simple thanks to our explanatory videos. The intervention of a specialized technician is not necessary


The filtered water never comes into contact with normal domestic water thanks to the special aerator with separate distribution channels.  Our filters have an automatic blocking system (in case of their saturation) keeping the organoleptic properties of the water constant over time. They also have MOCA certification, that is, they meet the fundamental requirement of the hygienic safety control of the manufacturing processes of technologies in contact with food.


The PURA collection is conceived, designed and produced entirely in Italy, subjected to specific quality controls. With your choice you will contribute to the development of an Italian company that produces its products locally. The PURA collection has a wide range of products with multiple finishes with a modern design to meet every need. Finishes such as Chrome, Brushed Chrome, Brushed Steel, Rose Gold, Brushed Gold, White or Matt Black and Anthracite Black are colors that make the faucet the protagonist and enhance its qualities.