Kitchen taps with PURA filtration system

Filter systems provide clean water for drinking and cooking straight from your kitchen tap. We have various tap designs available in stock, Visit our showroom to try our the system. The Pura system is easy to install and filters water from harmful particles.

The water supplied by the aqueduct is generally of good quality but obviously the risk of contamination from lead, zinc and copper present in the pipes is not completely excluded, while chlorine can compromise taste and smell of water. With Pura you can drink quality water to improve the taste of your drinks and of your best recipes.

No need to buy bottles of water and no need to bring them up to the house. pura saves you effort, time and money, improving the quality of your life.

The eco-sustainable filters safeguard your health and that of our planet, setting the use and accumulation of plastic bottles and especially their disposal to zero. Purchasing Pura products means contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions.

The certified micro filtration for domestic use is conceived to supply a water that is always pure, removing the residues of limestone, chlorine and  harmful substances, that cause bad smells.