Duplex at the Malta Design Week

Name Duplex

Primary Function Wash-hand basin

Designer: Nathan Martin

Ideal Use: Small bathrooms adjacent to a toilet

Material: Corian ® DuPont

Fabricated by: Shaker Ltd.

In today’s reality, we are most often faced with shrinking dimensions together with the request for minimalist, multifunction, and stream-line design.

After using a similar concept for a vanity square-edged wood, the idea came to incorporate all the basic elements into a single item. The wash hand basin / single lever / mixer / spout and drain are all incorporated into the design, with all equipment neatly hidden behind an access panel. This leaves enough space between the access panel and the fold down hinged door for personal items.

Moreover, one side will also double as a toilet paper holder and a hygiene compartment for the basic toilet cleaning items. All this is set in a neatly designed, round edged seamless unit that looks like its been extruded form a mould.

The only way we could achieve this design, keep it seamless and have all the necessary tension strength is with a high grade composite material. The choice fell on Corian ® DuPont for its high performance and workability