DuPont™ Basic Surface

The new collection of DuPont™ Basic Surfaces (previously branded as DuPont™ Montelli) is inspired by the beauty of nature: solid colours reflect the qualities of light, from Pure to Lucent; particled aesthetics encapsulate Bilberry and White Currant, reflecting the annual blossoming of springtime. DuPont™ Basic surface presents a durable material for projects where quality is not compromised. It is intended to compete against DuPont™ Corian® look-alikes and imitation materials supplied from companies whose country of origin, do not invest in material research and development, with the aim of reaching required standards.

DuPont™ Basic Surfaces is a decorative material containing a blend of polyester resin combined with aluminum mineral filler. The versatile solid and non-solid aesthetics are suitable for residential and commercial segments. Applications may vary, ranging from kitchen countertops to interior design accessories, and from receptions desks to interior wall cladding. DuPont™ Basic Surfaces is produced by a continuous casting process, assuring elevated quality standards. DuPont™ Basic Surfaces is: non-porous, hygienic, renewable, repairable and joined seamlessly, sanded and polished to create a wide variety of designs. For more information and colours visit">DuPont Basic Surfaces