Founded in 1971, a name renowned for high quality skills and service. Shaker® tributes the pioneers of the philosophy, form follows function. The Shaker name is synonymous with distinctive furniture styles widely admired for simplicity, innovative joinery, quality and functionality. Shaker® was set up by a team of artisans, who focused on furniture design and fabrication. A passion which resulted in the development of beautiful, solid wood kitchens, tables, chairs, bedrooms, bathroom vanity units, Tv units, shelving and much more. Most of which are still found in local homes and recognised through the unique design and outstanding quality.

Shaker® has been awarded a number of commercial projects along the years. Such projects required fabricating large quantities of custom items, ranging from bedrooms, doors, reception counter tops and other custom products which require high standards, precision and project management.

Through the years, Shaker® participated in foreign design fairs, presenting Shaker® products in various countries such as Germany and the UK. This led Shaker® to partner with foreign companies such as Harrods, who sold the famous heritage nursery bedroom. Such experiences has placed Shaker® at the forefront of innovation.

Shaker® later introduced DuPont™ Corian® to the local market. The renowned traditional high-skills of Shaker’s dedicated team of Maltese craftsmen excel in creating outstanding works in wide-ranging applications turning the versatile characteristics of solid surface materials into artistic products enhancing living environments.

Shaker ® today focuses on the design and fabrication of solid surface, providing customised design and professional project management.The Shaker® team is made up of professional designers and expert craftsmen. Each proposal is discussed, ideas are sketched, researched and prototyped to provide clients, with the best possible design solution. The team allocates enough time for templates and site inspections, leading to impeccable fabrication and finish. Each project goes through a process of quality control to ensure Shaker® standards are met and the agreed deadline is reached.

Shaker® also offers a range of brands to compliment fabricated items. Brands are chosen based on product design, durability and quality. Our product portfolio includes a wide choice of stainless steel sinks, kitchen faucets, bathroom fixtures, décor panels and much more.

Shaker`s reputation for the very high quality of its ‘artisan’ workmanship and service continues to add value and enjoys the respect of home-owners and commercial clients opting to form part of our growing circle of satisfied customers who influence the generation of sustained growth for the Company.